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Client Success Stories

This is the best I've felt as an adult.

Clarity Restored: A Mind Decades Younger!

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:
  • Seasoned CEO of a software company — always on alert, juggling international calls from dawn, ready to engage with his team
  • He was previously sacrificing his body for career success, but Dr. Ryan helped him turn things around dramatically 
  • Before working with SummaUp it would take him hours to accomplish what he now accomplishes in minutes 
  • "Dr. Ryan's process turned me into a lifelong client."
  • He’s now matching his work output from his 20s and 30s, thanks to newfound mental sharpness 
  • He is achieving the unthinkable for a 54 year old guy with the help of Dr. Ryan ($100Mn+ exit)
  • "Think of Dr. Ryan as a coach leading you to your winning destination." 
  • John believes Dr Ryan is worth way more than he charges his clients
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You will not regret it. 100%

Dedicated Father: Faster, Fitter, Focused!

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:
  • Leading Tech Co’s Analytics/HR department while juggling a wife, 3 boys, and 3 dogs
  • He’s outpacing his sons - this is his new normal!
  • He now wakes up to a day full of possibilities
  • His energy levels completely changed since he started working with Dr. Ryan
  • “I feel better, I feel clearer. My brain fog went away because I'm sleeping better.”
  • “SummaUp checked every single thing that I was looking for in a clinic.”
  • He’s starting to see the changes affect his family too because it’s become an important part of his life.
  • “Take the leap, make it happen. Don't think about it.”
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I feel like I'm in my 20s again

Revitalized: Lost 10 Lbs, Conquered Exhaustion, And Became Super-Dad!

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:
  • Chris is an executive who has a very busy work and home life. He’s a father to 6 boys and is an active pro tennis player
  • He went from feeling tired, sluggish, and experiencing 2 pm crashes to having endless energy and never feeling fatigued, allowing him to keep up with his active lifestyle and 6 kids.
  • Chris now feels comfortable taking his shirt off at the beach — which is a huge deal for him.
  • “I feel like I'm in my 20s again. I feel like I'm back to that competitive basketball player level, I feel like I'm there physically.”
  • "I feel no pains anywhere, no lower back pains, really no knee pains. No elbow or arm issues from tennis."
  • “My 20 and 19-year-olds can't compete with me anymore. if we go for a run or something like that. So I definitely feel like I can keep up with them. And I feel like I'm a better parent.”
  • Every time Chris bumps into someone who hasn't seen him for a month, they always ask him: "What is going on?" "You look strong, healthy, and happy!" The change in him is awe-inspiring to those around him.
  • "This is just the beginning of my journey. And I encourage everyone, if you want to be the best you, and make it to 150 (or want to try)... sign up!"
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I believe I’ve extended my life by a long long time.

Limitless Leader: Weight Down 15% and Profits Up 15%!

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:
  • Commanding the helm of a bustling mid 8 Figure+ roofing enterprise, he's nimbly balancing roles as grandfather, father, and husband
  • He shed a whopping 40 lbs — from 245 to a fit 205. A transformation so dramatic, it's impossible to ignore!
  • “My 34th anniversary is coming up and I look very similar to when I got married at 21.” 
  • He’s seeing transformations ripple through his family, because dedication to his health is infectious
  • Revamped energy levels — it's like waking up to a brand-new day, every day!
  • “I felt like Dr. Ryan cared and he was there every step of the way.”
  • Dr. Ryan encouraged him to set a goal beyond where he thought he wanted to go 
  • He had to buy a new suit after dropping 40lbs —  and it looks so much better on him. too!
  • “If you have a reason to do this, don't delay, just go ahead and do it” 
  • He now has no trouble waking up before his alarm at 5:30AM and going strong until bedtime at 9-10PM 
  • This was unexpected: Top line grew about 15% and bottom line grew 5% — and that was with good margins already!
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Cholesterol is down 30 points in 90 days.

Reawakened: Lost The COVID Weight and Avoided a Heart Attack!

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:
  • Running the gauntlet of Silicon Valley's high-stakes private equity scene, he's on full throttle every single day
  • From reminiscing about his 22-year-old physique to reclaiming it, his transformation is inspirational (former NCAA D1 QB)
  • High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heading towards a heart attack — now he's a champion of health — all without medication!
  • Athletics and working out returned to being a healthy outlet for stress relief for him 
  • "I've been feeling less stressed and have noticed improved energy, greater drive, and motivation toward success.”
  • From a staggering 253 lbs post-pandemic to a fit and healthy version of himself. Dr. Ryan and his team were instrumental in his transformation
  • “Dr. Ryan can talk the talk, but he can walk the walk too, because he’s actually been there."
  • “Preventative care doesn't really exist in American medicine today and it’s a very unique aspect of what Dr. Ryan and his team are offering beyond traditional Executive Health/Anti-Aging programs
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